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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Churp Churp: Let Generate Money From Your Social Media

You have more than 50 followers in Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram or Google+? Let your friends generate money for you.

ChurpChurp is a community for people who live and breathe social media, just like you!

Their community currently reaches out to social media users in 5 countries - Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, and China.

After signed up with ChurpChurp, members(Churpers) can get cash rewards for sharing brand messages, discover what people are reading or watching on the Internet, and be part of an awesome community and meet like-minded friends.

Aside from bringing together social media influencers across 5 countries though, ChurpChurp also connects advertisers to a diverse pool of notable personalities on social media.

Types of Rewards

  • Social Share
         Choose & share the campaigns you like on social media
  • Social Seed
          Twitter campaign assignments to selected Churpers
  • Campaign Seed
          Special campaign assignments on various social media platforms


Beside get rewarded, Churpers can discover and share the new, the viral and the most hilarious news on the internet right now after login to Churp Churp website.

Churpers  also can connect to other Churpers like facebook and tweeter.

Sign-up to earn the rewards....

Sign up Churp Churp

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yammer a "Facebook for business"

Dec last year, I have received an invitation email from one of my colleagues to join my company network on Yammer.

I was quiet blur what is Yammer, I thought my company have subscribed to new online time sheets and time tracking system. I accept invitation and continue to complete sign up process.

First time I look to the interface, I said " is just just like facebook for my company only".
After that, I start updating my profile, following my colleagues and join my team group. You can share your status, share your document or image, post a poll, praise some one and post an event in yammer. Instead using web, we can access Yammer through phone ( android, blackberry and windows phone), tablet like iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, desktop ( Apple machine and Windows ).
You also list of feeds from Yammer using Java script like Twitter and Facebook.

Yammer Web Interface

In June 2012, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Yammer $1.2 Billion in cash. Currently, Microsoft is looking for talent to join their Yammer team.

You can refer these links for more information regarding Yammer: