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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips for maintaining cholesterol levels.

  • Remove all fat and skin from meat, poultry before eating.
  • Change the style of cooking from frying to baking or grilling.
  • Avoid fatty dressings and sauces. Replace the cream with yogurt sauce and garnish.
  • Choose fresh fruit for dessert instead of cakes or cookies.
  • Use vegetable oils such as canola, olive kesumbar and in small quantities for frying. Reduce the use margarine because it contains partial oil ter-hydrogen (trans fatty acids).
  • Limit intake of foods containing palm oil, coconut oil, lard, butter, egg yolk and milk fat.
  • Shrimp and shellfish can be taken once in a while because kolesterolnya content lower than it looks and it is low in saturated fat.
  • Add fiber to your diet especially oat fiber. Choose whole grains when buying bread or cereal.
  • Limit your intake of animal organs such as liver, kidney, brain and spleen with high cholesterol.
  • Exercise is an important weapon to fight against high cholesterol and heart disease. Studies show that regular exercise (about 30 minutes three to five times a week) can increase HDL levels and get rid of excess LDL cholesterol from the blood. You can do aerobic exercise, swimming, weight lifting, walking and dancing.
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