Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Google AdWords Keyword Tool RIP!!! ...replace with Keyword Planner

Previously I like play with Google AdWords Keyword  tool to research keyword low competition but high Global Monthly Searches or Local  Monthly Searches. One of the most popular ways to optimize a website for search engines is to target specific keywords so that when people search for them, your website shows up as the primary result. Google AdWords Keyword  tool is a web tool that you can use to analyze keyword search trends so that you can decide which keywords are the best to target. I have not using that tool since a few a month ago because I was too busy researching automated software testing tool and beside that my notebook also had problem.

Today I try to search   Google AdWords Keyword using Google search because I forgot the link.
Here is the result...

From the result we can see "Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool "...Oh!...then I click the link

and it redirect to...


Now, Keyword Planner has replaced Google AdWords Keyword Tool since August 28th 2013. You can read the reason why they replace the Keyword Tool from the snapshot above or read more from this link: and  

Good bye  Google AdWords Keyword Tool... :-(