Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips How To be a Creative Writer

1. Self-discipline
You need to have self discipline. This relates to the use of time. If you are not disciplined, then you will not meet the time to write. In any case, you can not give up even though it many times to try and not be. With good self-discipline, you will continue to find the time and make revisions to enable you write.

2. Writing Style
You need to find a style that you want to highlight in your writing. This style has to do with the 'genre' of your choosing and also yourself. Do not imitate the style of others because it is not suitable for your genre or yourself.  Remember ... this is the style that will stay with readers later.

3. Study
As a creative writer, you have to be diligent. You must do research, find accurate facts and also to find the right material for your writing. It does not matter what 'genre' and what image you want to highlight, you must do research. Do not just assuming. Author must assume readers are comprised of intelligent people and therefore also the author can not be 'indifferent' in presenting any information in writing.

4. Eyes and Hearts
Write from your eyes and your heart. Write down the things you see and also your experience. Find materials that are close to your heart so that what you write is very effective for the reader. No matter the kind of inspirational writing or novel.

5. Learn
In the process of writing, you must consider yourself you are studying. As human beings, we are not complete, and we need to continue to learn new things. Learn from those who know, from friends and also from readers. Learn well from books and information available on the Internet.

6. Suitable equipment
To write effectively and comfortably, you need the right equipment and tools such as computers, chairs and tables, dictionaries, reference books, place and atmosphere that can bring inspiration to you.

7. Planning
Make a plan about the subject you want to write. Ensure objectives. Planning writing is like managing a project.

8. Concepts and Themes
You need to know the concept and theme. If you are not sure, look for information before writing. Make sure you look for in this variety. Do not do what other people are doing.

9. Tentative title
Title or titles while there should be. This will ease your work. Keep in mind that this title is only temporary because usually the publisher will change according to current needs.

10. Storyline
No matter what kind of writing you (except academic), you need a picture of the story you want arranged in writing.

11. Character
For writing a story book or a novel, you have to know the characters that will play a role in your writing. Set the main character and then side characters. You need descriptions of these characters, such as physical description, behavior, her friends, family members and others.

12. Location
For writing fiction, you have to know the location you want to describe it in writing. No matter whether the story is sci-fi, fairy tails or 'current', you must describe the background somewhere.

13. Plot Summary
To facilitate the writing, especially the writing of fiction manuscripts, let you arrange a plot summary so you are not confused later.

14. Message
Make sure you bring your writing specific messages that will give meaning to the reader.