Saturday, June 8, 2013

Benefits of Snakehead Fish

ikan haruan

A snakehead fish (  Malay:ikan haruan ) is a large, predatory freshwater fish native to Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other parts of Asia. There are 28 varieties of snakehead fish.

Snakehead can be cooked in various ways but usually, be made ​​soup or fried. There are snakehead fish that are processed and sold in capsule form. .

Among the benefits of snakehead is:
1. Snakehead has amino acids and fats that can heal wounds in the stomach and is good for treating gastric disease.
2. Snakehead contain large amounts of vitamin A, which helps add to the sense of sight, moisturize the skin and act as an anti-oxidant that slowing the aging process.
3. Snakehead contain arachidonic acid that helps to start the process of blood clot and be responsible for the regeneration of new cells.
4. Glycine from snakehead (including aspartic and glutamic acid) which is an important component of human skin collagen will form protein molecules that are essential for regeneration and healing.
5. From scientific studies found snakehead consumption also reduces pain after surgery.
6. Snakehead mucus contains oleic and linoleic acid which is the main component of fully unsaturated lipids.
7. Snakehead fish contains collagen that helps to improve the skin.
8. Antiseptic contained in them are able to prevent propagation of bacteria and heal wounds faster over.

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