Saturday, June 15, 2013

Job Search : Networking

Your ability to network effectively will provide you with the tools to access the hidden job market. Remember, the hidden job market represents 75% of jobs that are not advertised. The networking approach is a proactive model for job-search that is particularly useful to professionals.

Let's Get Started
How many people do you Know? You will be surprise that the average person knows 100 or more people. The following table will assist you in identifying people you know. It's always best to create two lists; one for people you know personally, and another for those you know through business. 

Family members
Professional contacts in other companies.
Personal friends
Trade Association contacts
Personnel Agency Consultants
Business owners
Financial Adviser
Bank Manager
Religious associates
Sporting associates
Political party associates

Your Network
  • Your Family
  • Local Business People
  • Your Teachers 
  • Your Friends
  • YOU
  • Your Community
  • Professionals
  • Your media social network ( LinkedIn, twitter, Google+ Community )
  • Others
Here are Some Tips
  • Networking is about using additional eyes and ears to assist you in your job-search.
  • Networking is about gathering information on industries you wish to target.
  • Networking is about getting referrals to other people who may assist.

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