Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nokia Lumia 710

My wife have one Nokia 710 which "accidentally" recommended by me. I  have recommended it base on previous Nokia and Windows Phone reputation.

The first frustration we encountered was, the phone is not Bluetooth friendly. The phone does not have  Bluetooth files transfer. Other thing that make me disappointed is, its Marketplace is so boring and hard to search compare to Android Google Play. The phone also do not have on air update, the phone need to connect to PC and install Zune in order to update its software.

Currently, the latest ROM for this phone is using Windows Phone 7.8. The phone is best when you have data plan with high data limit. You can store your file on Skydrive cloud storage or upload to Facebook. Then retrieve the file from other device.

My wife had give the phone to her family but they do not like the phone; because the phone so sophisticated and confusing compare to previous Nokia.

We do not know yet whether to sale it or use it as back-up phone. I am thinking of to install custom ROM which is have more functionality like

 Nokia Lumia 710 WP 7.8