Monday, May 20, 2013

How Many Fake Followers do You Have in Your twitter?

How to spot fake twitter follower? 
According to Susan Gunelius in his article "10 Ways to Spot Fake Twitter Followers" you can identify fake twitter follower by following red flags:
  1. Thousands of Followers but Very Few Tweets
  2. No Profile Picture or a Generic Picture
  3. No Profile Description
  4. Huge Numbers of Tweets Each Day
  5. Nothing but Automated Tweets
  6. Nothing but Promotional Tweets
  7. Tweets or Direct Messages that Warn You About Rumors Spreading About You (Or Similar Warnings) with a Link 
  8. Instant Response to One of Your Tweets
  9. Following Thousands but Few Followers
  10. The Same @Tweet Sent to Multiple People
Can you buy fake followers?
Yes, you can. Fake followers were typically sold in packages ranging from USD1 to USD1,000 for 1,000 to one million accounts. For instance, Fiverr sells 1,000 Twitter followers for USD5.

Why people buy fake followers?
One of the reason people buy fake twitter followers is  to show how popular they are. Another reason is to get authority. This can lead to increasing your social status in real life, getting better advertising deals on your website, and freebies from companies that want you to promote them. If you are politician, you can show to public that you have many supporters from social media.

  • Your real fans won’t see your updates.
  • You lose the relevance of  all demographic information.
  • No interactions.
  • Bought followers will never be fans.
  • Buying followers will jeopardize your account.

How to check fake followers?
You can check  manually your follower or you can use service from or

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Example Fake or Empty Follower

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