Monday, May 27, 2013

Angelina Jolie and Breast Cancer

No doubt many who admire the beauty of the body of international actress, Angelina Jolie. Jolie confession through an article titled My Medical Choice, published by the New York Times, has shocked the world when told that she had a mastectomy methods remove both her breasts to prevent breast cancer.

Jolie said she underwent surgery after knowing him carry genes that can cause breast cancer. However, Jolie hide the operation from public knowledge until he revealed the news.

37-year-old movie star said that between early February to late April, when she underwent surgery on both of her breasts. She said, she was due to undergo surgery to consider the interests of his children after seeing her mother, Marcheline Bertrand died of the same cancer at the age of 56.
"My mother fought against cancer for nearly a decade and died at the age of 56 years," she said.

"I risk of developing breast cancer has dropped from 87 percent to five percent," she said.

According to her, after undergoing genetic testing, she found carry the BRCA1 gene and have 87 percent of breast cancer.

The removal of her breasts began on Feb. 2. According to her, two weeks later, she dumped her breasts tissue. Jolie said, nine months later, she underwent a third surgery to reshape the breast and insert the implant.

"I do not feel any lack of femininity. It (the surgery) was the most appropriate choice," she said.
Despite undergoing mastectomy, acclaimed actress, however, still has a five percent chance of breast cancer. Jolie also reportedly now will not hesitate to remove the uterus to prevent uterine cancer anyway.

Usually breast cancer associated with women although there are a small number of men who have it .

Angelina Jolie showed courageous actions she did not want to lose lives because she was able to remove the cancer instead of breast cancer has not been confirmed though.

Expert said that Jolie took a good decision to remove her breasts as she knows herself at high risk of cancer because of genetic factors. Even so, does not necessarily mean after remove the breast, other organs are not at risk of cancer. In this regard, efforts Jolie is seen as positive for trying to prevent breast cancer although this is very difficult to do, particularly those who are diagnosed with cancer. Although many patients are already in a serious stage of cancer do not want to remove their breasts because of shame and fear aside family and community.

Obviously, worse than that, there are some women who do not realize that her breasts were attacked despite repeated cancer checkup at the hospital or breast self examination (BSE).

Every woman should prevent at an early stage. Safer is by scanning undergoing cancer using mammography scanner that can detect breast cancer tumors involved in the early stages accurately.

In this case, women aged 40's are more suitable for method mammogram.

Many people do not know they have the opportunity to get new breast implants and methods of breast reconstruction.

The attitude of these women can not be blamed for this because after several years of living without their breast had resigned and began to consider their lives no longer meaningful in view often faced with psychological stress. In this case, the support of family, particularly her husband is very important.

He added that such feelings should not arise again because of the progress of medicine the world has never set aside this.

In fact, study after study conducted by experts related solely to find a cure of the disease.

"Breast reconstruction" surgery is to restore breast shape after two or half of breast cancer patients devastated by cancer cells to the extent that it had to be completely removed (mastectomy) or only half (lumpectomy).

Expert advises women to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, change in breast size and shape as well as the production of fluid from the nipple.

Early detection of breast cancer can be done through self-examination or by mammography from time to time. All these methods help detect cancer earlier.

Among breast cancer treatment, including radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and mastectomy. Mastectomy is a safe operation with a large number of patients recovered without any complications.

Like other surgery, none of which can be done without risk. Among the risks for any surgery include bleeding, infection or injury to the area near the tissues.

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