Friday, May 31, 2013

Be Happy!!!

THINK positively
                    EXPECT less
LOVE yourself
FOLLOW your heart
                             SHARE Laughter
RELAX routinely
                   HAVE faith
LIMIT Stress
                     STAY strong
                                        be PASSIONATE
MAKE friends
                                              GIVE without expectation
HATE less
                         LOVE truly
WORRY less
                                      KEEP life simple
READ more
                                 DO what you love
                                        LIVE respectfully
 "When you follow your heart, you're never supposed to do things because of what you think people might say. You do it for the opposite reasons." -
Color For Happiness
Physiological Effect: Orange has proven to be a stimulus of the sexual organs. Also, it can be benefitial to the digestive system and can strengthen the immune system.

Psychological Effect: Orange has shown to have only positive affects on your emotional state. This color relieves feelings of self-pity, lack of self-worth and unwillingness to forgive. Orange opens your emotions and is a terrific antidepressant.

Physiological Effect: Yellow has proven to stimulate the brain. This stimulation can make you more alert and decisive. This color makes muscles more energetic and activates the lymph system.

Psychological Effect: Similarly to Orange, Yellow is a happy and uplifting color. It can also be associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, clear thinking, decision-making and good judgment. Also aiding organization, understanding of different points of view. Yellow builds self-confidence and encourages optimism. However, a dull yellow can bring on feelings of fear.

8 Simple Stress-relieving Strategies

1. Eat More Complex Carbs 
Serotonin which has a calming effect, can be boosted by eating carbohydrates. The best forms are complex carbohydrates from wholemeal foods, fruits and vegetables with a low Glycemic Index (GI).

2. Drink Less Coffee
Though we often turn to coffee and alcohol when under pressure, they can actually worsen anxiety. Caffeine blocks receptors in your feel-good chemical, adenosine.

3. Get A Regular Massage
Pain can contribute significantly to your stress levels. If you suffer from regular physical discomfort such as stiff shoulders and aching legs, a regular massage will aid in releasing tension and promote better blood flow. A massage also relaxes the nervous system and helps promote better sleep.

4. Meditate
Meditation can clear your mind and bring much needed clarity and objectivity at times of stress. In the long term, it contributes towards repairing mental and physical wear and tear, stimulates better breathing habits and reduces the amount of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands.

5. Reprogram Your Mind
Take ten minutes at the end of each day to think over the day you've had - take notes of situations & emotions which created positive results. The brain is a powerful tool and by conditioning our mental outlook in life, you can start the day with an optimistic outlook instead of a defeated attitude.

6. Improve Your Relationships
People problems? Address how certain relationships might be having a negative impact upon your life and attempt to resolve any conflicts.

7. Lough
Laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use. Create opportunities to laugh by watch a funny movie or TV show, go to a comedy club, read the funny pages, seek out funny people, share a good joke or a funny story, check out your bookstore’s humor section, host game night with friends, play with a pet, go to a “laughter yoga” class, goof around with children and do something silly. ( For more benefit of laughter, go to: )

8. Sleep
Sleep replenishes our energy levels. Poor sleep patterns con have a cyclical. self-perpetuating effect. Certain herbs (such as Valerian) and relaxation techniques, as well as avoiding caffeine and boosting exercise. can also help.

"Exercise relieves stress. Nothing relieves exercise."
- Takayuki Ikkaku
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Energy Booster Super Food

'Superfoods' are nutrient-dense foods that provide essential vitamins and minerals for good health, vitality and longevity. The secret to include  Superfoods in your diet is to eat 'rainbows'! 

Some of these are as follows:

Deliver high levels of antioxidants called anthocyanins that help prevent blood clotting, protect body cells and have anti-inflammatory actions.

Spinach contains Vitamin K,  antioxidants and folate which is important for women planning a pregnancy and improving heart health. Higher lutein (LOO-teen) and zeaxanthin intakes have been associated with a lowered risk of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.

High in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, magnesium and dietary fiber, as well as powerful antioxidants. Other foods include tomatoes. sweet potatoes, broccolis and mangoes.

The perfect breakfast food! Oats are rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol, control blood sugar levels and allows your stomach to feel satisfied longer.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish offers protection for heart health and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

How to deal with stress at work?

Get Organized
If you've got no system to help you memorize or prioritize, you're in trouble. The mind is not the most efficient engine when it comes to recalling a myriad of competing tasks. so note them down and assign each a priority. Get sorted out now!

Limit Interruptions
Taking personal calls at work? This is fine occasionally, but don't get into big catch-ups:it will take you that much longer to get back into the zone. Politely explain to friends or family that you're working and will return their call that evening, or on the weekend.

Drink Up
Keeping the brain hydrated makes it easier for your grey matter synapses to transmit information. If you feel yourself getting sluggish upstairs. remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Reach For The Fish
Similarly, fish oil helps lubricate the brain and encourage mental clarity. Consuming l000mg of fish oil a day should assist you in staying on the ball. 

B Vitamins 
B Vitamins assist the body to handle stress by providing support to the adrenal glands. These are best taken in the morning so as not to keep you buzzing at night when you're trying to wind down.

Talk It Over
Avoid excessive hours and say 'no' to prevent burning out at work. Know your limits and if work becomes overwhelming, speak up or delegate your tasks. You can also opt for a few days off to recharge.

"You don't know what people are really like until they're under a lot of stress." - Tim Allen

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Brinchang Town, Cameron Highlands
Brinchang Town, Cameron Highlands

A little more than 130 miles north of Kuala Lumpur is the Cameron Highlands, an extensive hill station once favored by British colonials during the hot season. Development started shortly after the highlands were mapped in 1885, and these rolling, forested hills quickly became one of the finest getaways on peninsular Malaysia.

Tourists continue to come for an escape from life in the lowlands. Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times. The cooler temperatures of the Cameron Highlands are ideal for growing tea, strawberries and roses, and there are beautiful gardens to explore here. Rustic hotels in the Cameron Highlands can arrange jungle walks and treks to local lookout points. Gunung Brinchang, the highest peak in the area, can be hiked with a guide or independently.

 1. Famous tea plantations
     - Boh Tea Plantation
     - Sungai Palas Tea Plantation
     - Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

2. Strawberry farms
    - Big Red Strawberry Farm
    - Healthy Strawberry Farm
    - Kasimani's Strawberry Farm
    - KHM Strawberry Farm
    - Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm

Cameron Highlands, Strawberry Farm.

Strawberry Farm Worker

3. Vegetable farms

4.  Markets
     - The main day market is located around Kea Farm but you can also find many of them all along the main road from Ringlet to Kg.Raja.
    - On Saturday nights, the weekly night market comes to life in Brinchang.

Kea Farm, Day Market
Kea Farm, Day Market

5. Time Tunnel Gallery - The Local Museum

6. Bee Farms
    - Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm (near the Kea Farm area)
    - Highland Honey Bee Farm (along the road to the Boh Tea Plantation)
    - Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm (Tringkap)

7. Butterfly Centres
    - There are two butterfly farms in Cameron Highlands and the are both located around the Kea Farm area.

How to get there:
• If using your own transport, travel from Tapah or Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highlands takes about an hour and a half. You'll cross the town of Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang.• Cameron Highlands has three towns namely Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. If Brinchang houses the tea plantations and strawberries, Tanah Rata focused on vegetable cultivation. Roses, orchids sun and other vegetables like cabbage and tomatoes are packed together in one pack can

be purchased at RM5.
• For fans of roses and exotic flowers, Rose Center in Brinchang offer roses of various colors. Here, you can get a combination of species of hibiscus, orchids, pitcher plants and wild plants.
• From the center rose, you have to drive several miles to get to the front to Cactus Valley, also in Brinchang.
• biggest cactus garden is home to over 1,000 species of cactus-like landscaped desert.

There are two butterfly farms in Cameron Highlands and the are both located around the Kea Farm area.

Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands
Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands Map


Brinchang, Cameron Highlands Map
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands Map


Tanah Rata, Cameroh Highlands Map
Tanah Rata, Cameroh Highlands Map

Budget Hotels
3 Stars

1. Country Lodge Resort
2 .Kowloon Hotel

   2 Stars

3. Jasmine Hotel
4. Kavy Hotel
5. Hotel Chua Gin
6. Hotel Remix
7. Rainbow Hotel
8. Hong Kong Hotel
9. Tudor Home Inn
10. Golden Wing Hotel

Tanah Rata
3 Stars

1. Planters Hotel

   2 Stars
2. Kang Travellers Hotel
3. Netasha Holiday Inn

Please check my website for more budget hotels:

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Angelina Jolie and Breast Cancer

No doubt many who admire the beauty of the body of international actress, Angelina Jolie. Jolie confession through an article titled My Medical Choice, published by the New York Times, has shocked the world when told that she had a mastectomy methods remove both her breasts to prevent breast cancer.

Jolie said she underwent surgery after knowing him carry genes that can cause breast cancer. However, Jolie hide the operation from public knowledge until he revealed the news.

37-year-old movie star said that between early February to late April, when she underwent surgery on both of her breasts. She said, she was due to undergo surgery to consider the interests of his children after seeing her mother, Marcheline Bertrand died of the same cancer at the age of 56.
"My mother fought against cancer for nearly a decade and died at the age of 56 years," she said.

"I risk of developing breast cancer has dropped from 87 percent to five percent," she said.

According to her, after undergoing genetic testing, she found carry the BRCA1 gene and have 87 percent of breast cancer.

The removal of her breasts began on Feb. 2. According to her, two weeks later, she dumped her breasts tissue. Jolie said, nine months later, she underwent a third surgery to reshape the breast and insert the implant.

"I do not feel any lack of femininity. It (the surgery) was the most appropriate choice," she said.
Despite undergoing mastectomy, acclaimed actress, however, still has a five percent chance of breast cancer. Jolie also reportedly now will not hesitate to remove the uterus to prevent uterine cancer anyway.

Usually breast cancer associated with women although there are a small number of men who have it .

Angelina Jolie showed courageous actions she did not want to lose lives because she was able to remove the cancer instead of breast cancer has not been confirmed though.

Expert said that Jolie took a good decision to remove her breasts as she knows herself at high risk of cancer because of genetic factors. Even so, does not necessarily mean after remove the breast, other organs are not at risk of cancer. In this regard, efforts Jolie is seen as positive for trying to prevent breast cancer although this is very difficult to do, particularly those who are diagnosed with cancer. Although many patients are already in a serious stage of cancer do not want to remove their breasts because of shame and fear aside family and community.

Obviously, worse than that, there are some women who do not realize that her breasts were attacked despite repeated cancer checkup at the hospital or breast self examination (BSE).

Every woman should prevent at an early stage. Safer is by scanning undergoing cancer using mammography scanner that can detect breast cancer tumors involved in the early stages accurately.

In this case, women aged 40's are more suitable for method mammogram.

Many people do not know they have the opportunity to get new breast implants and methods of breast reconstruction.

The attitude of these women can not be blamed for this because after several years of living without their breast had resigned and began to consider their lives no longer meaningful in view often faced with psychological stress. In this case, the support of family, particularly her husband is very important.

He added that such feelings should not arise again because of the progress of medicine the world has never set aside this.

In fact, study after study conducted by experts related solely to find a cure of the disease.

"Breast reconstruction" surgery is to restore breast shape after two or half of breast cancer patients devastated by cancer cells to the extent that it had to be completely removed (mastectomy) or only half (lumpectomy).

Expert advises women to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, change in breast size and shape as well as the production of fluid from the nipple.

Early detection of breast cancer can be done through self-examination or by mammography from time to time. All these methods help detect cancer earlier.

Among breast cancer treatment, including radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and mastectomy. Mastectomy is a safe operation with a large number of patients recovered without any complications.

Like other surgery, none of which can be done without risk. Among the risks for any surgery include bleeding, infection or injury to the area near the tissues.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm Introvert?

I am consider myself as introvert. I do not like to talk much especially with stranger or just know. I assume other people more attractive-on the way they talk and behave.

An introvert may seem unsocial, yet our greatest desire is to be liked and accepted. We may be shy and quite, we are often moody and unhappy, and we are prefer solitude. We have aptitude for creative work and are uncomfortable engaging in activities that require co-operation with other people.

Introvert is built on the Latin verb verto, which mean to turn and intro, which mean inward.

World famous introvert according to

1. Albert Einstein
    -Physicist, author of the theory of relativity, and awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

2. Warren Buffett
     - Chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." - Warren Buffett

3. Frederic Chopin
    - 19th century French-Polish romantic composer
"When one does a thing, it appears good, otherwise one would not write it. Only later comes reflection, and one discards or accepts the thing. Time is the best censor, and patience a most excellent teacher." -  Frédéric Chopin
4. Charles Darwin
    - Scientist and author of The Origin of Species

5. Mahatma Gandhi
    - Indian spiritual master and politician
 "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." ― Mahatma Gandhi
6. Al Gore
   -Former U.S. Vice President
"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure." - Al Gore
7.Sir Isaac Newton
   - Physicist and author of the theory of gravity
"I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people." - Isaac Newton
8. Larry Page
   - Co-founder of Google
"Many leaders of big organizations, I think, don't believe that change is possible. But if you look at history, things do change, and if your business is static, you're likely to have issues." - Larry Page
9. Rosa Parks
   - Civil rights activist.
"Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome." - Rosa Parks
10. Eleanor Roosevelt
     - Former U.S. first lady

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't." - Eleanor Roosevelt
11. J.K. Rowling
     - British author of famed Harry Potter series.
“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.” ― J.K. Rowling 
 12.  Steven Spielberg
      - Director and producer.
 "Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda (Star wars)
13. Steve Wozniak
      - Co-founder of Apple
"Creative things have to sell to get acknowledged as such." - Steve Wozniak
Introvert friendly career:
  1. Programmer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Technical writer
  4. Accountant
  5. Financial Analyst
  6. Online Trader

How To Say These 5 Internet Terms.

1.  GIF
  - The GIF graphics file format was invented by Steve Wilhite at CompuServe in 1987.
"It's pronounced JIF, not GIF,"  said Steve Wilhite, guy who invented the format at Webby Awards 2013.
  - I pronounce it GIF since I use it.

2. meme
- a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

Internet Meme
An Internet meme is a cultural phenomenon that spreads from one person to another online.
A meme spread online could be just about anything that is voluntarily shared, including phrases, images, rumors and audio or video files. An Internet meme might originate and stay online. However, frequently memes cross over and may spread from the offline world to online or vice-versa.

9Gag is my favorite meme-sharing website.

2.  PNG
- PNG the Portable Network Graphics format, a format for storing bitmapped (raster) images on computers. PNG is pronounced "ping".
- I pronounce it  P-N-G.

 3. Vlog
     - Vlog  is video blog.

4. cache
- A web cache is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. A web cache stores copies of documents passing through it; subsequent requests may be satisfied from the cache if certain conditions are met. wikipedia

 5. favicon
    - Favicon or favorites icon used to decorate your site in the bookmarks and tab bar of browsers.

Please click favicon blow. ;-)

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9 Facts About Gold

  1. Gold is a metallic element with the atomic number 7.
  2. The name gold comes from an Old English word meaning yellow.
  3. Pure gold is 24 karat.
  4. The Grasberg Mine is the largest gold mine.
  5. China is the world's top producer of gold.
  6. India and China are the world's major customer of gold in the form of jewellery, coins and bullions.
  7. Gold stocks is more volatile that physical gold.
  8.  Au in the first name of the chief villain in Goldfinger James Bond movie 1963, Auric is the chemical name for gold. It comes from the Latin word "Aurumn", which means shining dawn.
  9. Iron pyrite is called fool's gold because of its resemblance of gold. It usually glittery which in contrast, Gold does not glitter, although it can be bright ( or dull ).

“Silence is golden, and gold is up these days, so silence is a solid investment.” ― Jarod Kintz

Thursday, May 23, 2013

9 Self Improvement And Success Tips

1. Stop thinking and feeling as if you’re a failure, because you’re not. How can others accept you if YOU can’t accept YOU?
“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison
2. When you see hunks and models on TV, think more on self improvement, not self pitying. Self acceptance is not just about having nice slender legs, or great abs. Concentrate on inner beauty.
“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.” - Kate Angell, Squeeze Play
3. When people feel so down and low about themselves, help them move up. Don’t go down with them. They’ll pull you down further and both of you will end up feeling inferior.
I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down...” - Abraham Lincoln quotes
4. The world is a large room for lessons, not mistakes. Don’t feel stupid and doomed forever just because you failed on a science quiz. There’s always a next time. Make rooms for self improvement.

Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.” -  Dale E. Turner
5. Take things one at a time. You don’t  expect black sheep’s to be goody-two-shoes in just a snap of a finger. Self improvement is a one day at a time process.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.                            - Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu
6. Self improvement results to inner stability, personality development and dig this …. SUCCESS. It comes from self confidence, self appreciation and self esteem.
When people believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.       ~Norman Vincent Peale
7. Set meaningful and achievable goals. Self improvement doesn’t turn you to be the exact replica of Cameron Diaz or Ralph Fiennes. It hopes and aims to result to an improved and better YOU. 
I feel that the most important step in any major accomplishment is setting a specific goal. This enables you to keep your mind focused on your goal and off the many obstacles that will arise when you’re striving to do your best. - Kurt Thomas
8. Little things mean BIG to other people. Sometimes, we don’t realize that the little things that we do like a pat on the back, saying “hi” or “hello”, greeting someone “good day” or telling Mr. Smith something like “hey, I love your tie!” are simple things that mean so much to other people. When we’re being appreciative about beautiful things around us and other people, we also become beautiful to them.
I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over.  - Warren Buffett
9. When you’re willing to accept change and go through the process of self improvement, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is. The world is a place where people of different values and attitude hang out. Sometimes, even if you think you and your best friend always like to do the same thing together at the same time, she would most likely decline an invitation for self improvement.
Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point — a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both sides.~ Thomas Crum
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The Apprentice Asia: You're Fired!

The Apprentice Asia ( twitter: ) is the Asian adaptation to the mega hit reality series, The Apprentice, which was created by Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor), with Donald Trump as host.

Who is the host?
Aviation tycoon Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia.

"Believe the unbelievable. Dream the impossible.
                           Never take no for an answer"- Tony Fernandes
Chief Executive Officer of Expedia Asia, the world's leading online travel company. A dynamic business leader, opportunistic marketer, and innovative thinker, Kathleen has helped build AirAsia while serving as Tony Fernandes’s right-hand woman. As a pioneer among Asian airlines in social media, Kathleen led AirAsia’s social media development which is now ranked as the most social airline in Asia-Pacific and one of the top worldwide. Now, she's on a mission to take Expedia Asia to even greater heights.

Kathleen is an avid social junkie herself, actively engaging on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter). Her Weibo account has over 200,000 followers and is now ranked as a top 2000 most influential account out of 300 million members.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Tune Hotels. Mark comes to Tune Hotels from the entertainment and leisure consumer goods industry. With over 15 years with the Warner Music Group in senior Regional and Managing Director management roles throughout Asia, Mark's experience includes managing companies from start-up phases to managing growth-oriented established businesses across Asia and Greater China. Having spent an extraordinary amount of time in hotels, (including living out of one in Hong Kong and Taipei for a full year!), and seeing how little time recording artists actually spend in hotels, he is totally committed to our mission statement of promising a great night's sleep, enjoying a fantastic hot power shower the next morning and ensuring a clean and secure environment to all Tune Hotels guests!

Among the 30,000 applicants from Asia, 100 were called for interviews, before they were cut down to 30, and then to a final 12.

The finalists were then put up in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur for five weeks, where they faced weekly tasks, during which they remained out of contact with everyone.

They only have 15-minute phone call to connect to the outside world.

1. Malaysian Hanzo(Ng Kian Tat), 34; a self-proclaimed “sales ninja”;
(twitter: @salesninjaworld ) You're Fired! 

2. Nik Aishah, 25; who quit her job and delayed her wedding to be on the show;
( Facebook: Facebook Page:!/pages/Nik-Aisyah-The-Apprentice-Asia/649366358413072 twitter: @NikAisyahMansor #AANIK )
You're Fired! 

3. Nazril, 38; Malaysian actress Sazlini Shamsul Falak’s other half. You're Fired!
 ( twitter: @Nash_IdrusLVG )

4. Filipino Celina, 30; who claims that she always gets what she wants;
( twitter: @celinaleneindre #AACelina)  You're Fired! 

5. Jonathan, 27; a proud Pinoy who was named one of the top seven marketers in the Philippines under the age of 35. ( twitter: @jonathanyabut facebook: ) The winner!!!

6. Indian Ningku, 29; a feisty director in her family’s construction company;
( twitter: @Ninxster #AANINGKU )

7. Samuel, 37; a VP in a Big Four professional services firm with big dreams of being a film director.
( twitter: @samrufus #AASAM Personal Website: You're Fired!

8. Indonesian Hendy, 30; a successful entrepreneur whose kebab empire spans over 1,000 outlets in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; You're Fired!

9. Former Miss Indonesia 2003 and news anchor, Dian,36.
( twitter: @LusciouslyD  ) You're Fired!

10. Singaporean Andrea Loh Ern-Yu , 25; a feisty lawyer who once boldly decked a rugby player who got too close for comfort.
( twitter: @leyandrea13  )  

11. Thai Dussadee, 35; a Hurricane Katrina survivor, and owner of a bistro bar.
( twitter: @msdussadee  )  Fired herself! ( Go to my youtube video: )

12. Multilingual Frenchman Alexis, 29; who picked up fluent Mandarin in two and a half months.
( twitter: @abauduin  #AAAlex )  You're Fired!

AXN Channel Wednesdays, 9.05pm (8.05pm JKT/TH). Starts 22 May.

My Top 6 Contestants
  1. Hanzo(Ng Kian Tat) ( too strategic, play safe, not a part of team) You're Fired!
  2. Jonathan  Winner
  3. Samuel You're Fired!
  4. Hendy (fired himself ) You're Fired!
  5. Dussadee (fired herself ) You're Fired!
  6. Nik Aishah You're Fired!

Good Luck To All Contestants!!!
More Details:


5 Minutes with... Nik Aisyah Amirah Mansor (The Apprentice Asia) 

One memorable experience from The Apprentice: Selling fish (laughs). Well, being scolded by (Tan Sri) Tony Fernandes obviously.

Favourite movie: Lord of the Rings

The best place to dine in KL: Chili’s. I know it’s not really ‘KL’ but I love it because it’s my comfort food.

How do you relax: I talk (laughs).

How do you spend your weekend: With my fiancée.

Your favourite holiday destination: Maldives because it’s pretty. I’d love to go there.

Favourite Twitter or Instagram accounts to follow: I’m very new to Twitter but I love @TonyFernandes and @Oprah.

What motivates you: Success because if I want something, I will try to get it.

Your favourite quote: There’s always a reason for something. In Malay, it’s “Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya.” I’m a firm believer of that and that keeps me going.

Advice for young Malaysians: Always be positive and don’t be afraid to take a challenge in life. I just did and I’m loving every second of it.

Read more at:

5 Minutes with... Nazril Idrus (The Apprentice Asia) 

One memorable experience from The Apprentice Asia: The times before we wanted to go in the boardroom. All of us, if not myself, would just be busting to go to the toilet before going to the boardroom. We would always laugh about how frightening it feels before walking into the boardroom.

Favourite book: “Losing My Virginity” by Richard Branson. I thought it’s a cleverly titled book and the book is super-duper hot with his biography, who he is as a rebellious entrepreneur, and a music guy. He is a very unorthodox kind of person.

Another book was given to me by my wife. It’s the easiest business book in the world to read and it’s “Who moved my cheese”. It’s another favourite of mine for people who do not want to read books.

The best place to dine in KL: Alexis at Great Eastern Mall. Not only is the ambience awesome but sometimes they have jazz bands playing. We can just relax with friends, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy life and be in the moment.

How do you relax: It’s pretty tough for me to relax but I always try to relax a lot. I always think of ways to relax. One the thing that I do that gets me off my head is I go to the gym and I have a personal trainer to train me. That’s when I don’t have to think. I have about 45 minutes with the personal trainer. He takes away things from my head and I just focus on what he asks me to do, which is trying to ‘kill’ me all the time.

How do you spend your weekend: I spend the weekends predominantly with my children and my wife. We make a point that we must spend family time, kick back and think about where to go. We do that over weekdays as well. My wife is a big person when it comes to family so we try to find time to be with our kids. I find things like sending my two girls to school very, very soothing and loving. I like that.

Your favourite holiday destination: My all-time favourite holiday destination right now is New York. My wife and I went to New York after we were in Los Angeles, and we stayed in Manhattan. In Manhattan, I could walk everywhere and everything is there. I think we spend seven days there and could only cover ten percent of New York so we are definitely going to go back. My second and third quick destinations to just go away are Phuket and Bali which is not too far.

Favourite Twitter or Instagram accounts to follow: @SazzyFalakCLPT. She’s a freak when it comes to Instagram, Twitter and Social Media. She’s the biggest one that I follow. I also follow @TonyFernandes and I also like to listen up to what @KhairyKJ has to say because I think he is a smart dude as well.

What motivates you: What motivates me is the fact that when I wake up everyday, I’m thinking, “Who can I help today?” and “How can I inspire today?” I need to affect someone else’s life so that motivates me to wake up. After being a successful entrepreneur, I realize it’s not about me. It’s about how can I affect other people and their lives.

Your favourite quote: “LVG”, which stands for Legacy, Vibrant, and Giving.

Legacy: We need to leave behind a legacy for our loved ones, as a person who can inspire others or financial legacy. Financial freedom is where you have managed to leave enough money for the family and for them to leave the next legacy for the next generation.

Vibrant: Live life with energy, with power, with inspiration.

Giving: It’s not about us anymore. It’s about giving back to other people so that life means something to everybody.

Advice for young Malaysians: Go into organisations or in groups of entrepreneurial youths. Get into something you can be part of or able to create something. Start a small business with a few friends. The key here is to be mentored. You need someone to model. There are young entrepreneurs in Malaysia like Joel Neoh of Groupon.

Don’t be with friends who are only thinking about finding jobs. Go out there and perhaps work in the service industry. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to know how to market. Marketing is key. Learn marketing and communication. That’s what is lacking. Start with marketing other people’s product and that is when you will learn and then you start on your own.

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Tony Fernandes admits growing fan

KUALA LUMPUR: Satisfied with the program of "The Apprentice Asia" first season, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was not sure if it will be continued further into the second season.

In the meantime, Tony also admitted beating the crowd awaiting feedback even willing to add fans.

Air Asia airline tycoon is however not call himself a celebrity but stating the number of fans through growing social site was chosen as the host since the show.

The program that is famous through Apprentice Donald Trump as host, Tony said trying not to imitate the original host and hope it is well received by the audience.

12 participants will face 11 episode featuring a variety of challenges and tasks.

Since the search began in November last year, it had received more than 30,000 applications.
Having assessed through assignments and a process of elimination, winner of "The Apprentice Asia" will receive good pay and career under the management Fernandes.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

13 Books to Improve Financial Knowledge (A Guide to Financial Freedom)

1. The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy
  • Book by William D. Danko
  • The book The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy is by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. This book is a compilation of research done by the two authors in the profiles of 'millionaires'. Wikipedia

 “Whatever your income, always live below your means.
2. The Millionaire Mindset
  • Book by Gerry Robert
  • Why is it that when some poor soul wins the lottery he is often right back in the poor house within ten years? It’s because he never changed his thinking. He never acquired a Millionaire Mindset. Why is it that so many people work endlessly to grow a business or climb the corporate ladder but still struggle year after year? The Millionaire Mindset reveals how you can finally break the cycle of poverty consciousness and take control of your life. You will see the power that your conditioning has on your current results, and you’ll gain a powerful system for reversing that early programming. Mr. Robert leads you through a process of understanding yourself, your thinking, your goals, your finances, your time and your abilities. These are all common-sense strategies that have worked for the people who have attended Gerry Robert’s popular seminars. They will work for you. We can say this confidently because of the thousands of people who use these strategies daily. Not only that, but these very strategies have taught Gerry Robert how to raise himself from poverty to earning a multi-million-dollar income. The Millionaire Mindset gives you a treasure chest of practical strategies that will guarantee success for anyone.  atlasbooks 
“It’s sad that people who work for money their whole lives so often end up with little or nothing to show for their efforts.”

3. Think and Grow Rich
  • Book by Napoleon Hill
  • Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 motivational personal development and self-help book by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. Wikipedia
4. Richest Man In Babylon
  • Book by George Samuel Clason
  • The Richest Man in Babylon is a book by George Samuel Clason which dispenses financial advice through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon. Wikipedia
   Better a little caution than a great regret.

5. Wink And Grow Rich 
  • By Roger Hamilton
  • A step by step guide to making a lot of money (even during a recession).
  • This is a parable; a story which holds the ‘keys' to wealth, but first you have to find the keys. They are hidden in this book.
  • Roger Hamilton is one of the best speakers on earth. He owns 11 businesses and runs none of them. He simply tours the globe teaching people the secrets of wealth.
  Your well is in your words.
6. Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!
  • Book by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki. 
  • It advocates financial independence through investing, real estate, owning businesses, and increasing one's financial intelligence. Wikipedia 
“In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk.” 

7. Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom
 “Can you personally make a better hamburger then McDonald’s?”
So far 100% of the people I have talked with have talked with about their new idea have said “yes”. They can all prepare, cook, and serve a better quality hamburger then McDonald’s.
At this point , I ask them the next question: “Can you personally build a better business system than McDonald’s?
Some people see the difference immediately, and some do not. And I would say the difference is whether the person is fixated on the left side of the Quadrant, which is focused on the idea of the better burger, or on the right side of the quadrant, which is focused on the system of business.
I do my best to explain that there are a lot of entrepreneur out there offering far superior products or services than are offered by the mega-rich multinational corporations, just as there are billions of people who can make a better burger than McDonald’s But only McDonald’s has the system that has served billions of burgers.

8. The Millionaire Mind
  • Book by Thomas J. Stanley
  • The Millionaire Mind Published February 1, 2000 by Thomas J. Stanley, draws from the authors' research of America's affluent to examine the ideas, beliefs and practices of the segment of the financial elite that use little or no consumer credit. Wikipedia
“The number one reason most people don't get what they want is that they don't know what they want.”

9. The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
  • Book by Andrew Tobias
  • For more than twenty-five years, The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need has been America's favorite finance guide, winning the allegiance of more than a million readers across the country. Now this indispensable book has been fully revised and updated-covering all the new tax laws-and reorganized with a new user-friendly design. Concise, witty, and truly understandable, Andrew Tobias shows you how to use your money to your best advantage-no matter how much or how little you have.
    o How to spend smarter-and save $1,000 or more
    o When to invest in stocks, and how
    o The ins and outs of investing on the Internet
    o Tax strategies, from tuition to retirement
    o Whom-if anyone-you can trust to manage your money
    and much, much more.
 “If a monkey can invest as well as a professional, or nearly so, it stands to reason that you can too.
10. The Intelligent Investor
  • Book by Benjamin Graham
  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, first published in 1949, is a widely acclaimed book on value investing, an investment approach Graham began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928 and subsequently refined with David Dodd. Wikipedia 
    “An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return.”
11. Your Money or Your Life
  •  Book by Dominguez and Robin.
  •  A classic, and one of the foundation books for the simplicity movement. The authors play off the concept “time is money” in a very literal sense. They encourage readers to sort out priorities, to cut expenses, and then to seek passive income in pursuit of financial independence. A little New Age-y in spots. An excellent book.
12.  The Total Money Makeover
  • Book by Dave Ramsey. 
  • Ramsey is an anti-credit zealot. He made a $4 million fortune by his mid-twenties, and then lost it to bankruptcy. Now he runs a personal finance empire. He takes a lot of criticism for his support of the Debt Snowball, which he describes in detail here, but the thing is: his methods work. If you are struggling with debt, there is no better starting place than this book. Ramsey’s advice is permeated with his Christianity, but you can get a lot out of this book even if you’re not religious.
13.  The Wealthy Barber
  • Book by David Chilton. 
  • This book offers good, general personal finance advice in the guise of a novel. Several friends meet once a month at the barber shop where the titular character dispenses wisdom on saving, investing, buying a house, and so on. The advice here is excellent, often backed by clear examples. The book’s conversational tone may appeal to some who might otherwise be turned off by personal finance. 
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