Monday, April 29, 2013

What is your job? Programmer...mmm

I started my job as programmer in Dec 1997 with system integrator company. My problem was when I went back to home town,  people ask me what I was doing in Kuala Lumpur. My hometown is in Perlis. The smallest state in Malaysia.

I had difficulty to explain to them what is programmer. Then I told them that I am in IT field. Then they ask me whether I can fix their PC or not. For some of them IT field is related to PC only.
For that time, computer programmer was not glamour as engineer or teacher. If you are teacher or government servant, they will give more respect. If you are single guy, they will recommend their daughter to you to be your wife.

Now, I am still programmer with "analyst" in front.  One of the reason I am still programmer because I feel that I am quite introvert person. I enjoy debugging and fixing software bugs.
I don't know until when I will be programmer; may be forever until retire.